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Ayako Morita Piano Recital on 8th April 2016

23 March 2016

Because of the recent events in Brussels, I have unfortunately decided to cancel my trip to Belgium and, by consequence, my solo recital at the Embassy of Japan as well. I was very shaken upon hearing the news of terror from the country that hosted me for 3 years and I offer my deepest prayers for the victims of this unfortunate incident.

Ayako Morita


Ayako Morita Recital de Piano

le 8.avril.2016 18:30-

Japan Information and Culture Centre of the Embassy of Japan

Rue Van Maerlant 1,1040 Brussels,Belgium



@在ベルギー日本国大使館 広報文化センター

18:00会場 18:30開演




草加市内小学校 共演:高口かれん様(マリンバ) 9/22(金) 10/6(金) 10/12(木) 11/11(土) 11/13(月) 11/21(火) 12/8(金) 12/12(火) 12/18(月) 共演:飯島多恵様(ヴァイオリン) 1/13(土)

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